Kayak Fishing in the Grand Strand

Want to experience the relaxing atmosphere of fishing from a kayak while enjoying the beauty of Cherry Grove Marsh or Waccamaw River? Then Kayak Fishing North Myrtle Beach is the ticket to a day of relaxation and fun, alone, with family, or friends.

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Kayak Fishing North Myrtle Beach

Many of the techniques used in kayak fishing are essentially the same as those used on other fishing boats. The difference is in the set-up, how each piece of equipment is fitted to the kayak, and how each activity is carried out on such a small craft.

Contemporary kayaks can be equipped with after-market fishing accessories such as….

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Kayak Fishing is better than boat fishing

Kayaks are Stealthy: Any way you you cut it, a kayak is quieter and also a lot less recognizable to fish than any kind of boat– even poling skiffs! Not having a trolling motor makes you kayak quieter. Also the pressure of the bow of your boat developing a small surge will give fish in shallow water a major 911. A kayak could slip into any kind of size pond and the fish will not also know you’re there! To make your kayak even much more stealthy, adhere stealth rubber to every spot on your boat that you lay paddles, Plano boxes and also rods.

Kayaks provide far better spreading angles:
When angling from an electric motor boat, many of your casts are perpendicular to the bank and also your fishing lure goes from shallow water to deep. Because of a kayak you could acquire a major benefit by positioning your kayak exactly on the marsh grass. You can cast up the grass line as well as fetch along the grass. This maintains your lure in the “red area” for far more time than the normal boat casting. Additionally throw out into open water and also retrieve back to your kayak that’s positioned on the coastline. This swims the fishing lure from deep water to more shallow water which is the instinctual method that lure fish commonly stay clear of to avoid hungry predators. Changing your casting angles makes a big difference in catch rate.

Kayaks are comfy: Today’s modern-day fishing kayaks have cushioned seats that make you feel like you’re fishing out of a lazy-boy chair all day long. Catching fish is a lot more fun in a kayak: Hook right into a fish with a kayak below you, as well as you’re off on the fishing adventure of the day. Hook the very same fish in a motorboat as well as you equine the fish into the watercraft in much less than a minute. Fish simply feel bigger when you are capturing them from a kayak. The fish might totally circle your watercraft during their preliminary runs– offering you that euphoric feeling that make fishing so much enjoyable. That “man vs. nature” feeling is so noticeable when you have a huge fish tossing mud and water up on you as well as over you as you struggle to obtain the upper hand.

Kayaks are more fun when the fish are just not there: Everyone has those days when the fish exactly do not seem interested. When you are fishing from a kayak, you have the added fun of seeing all the other wildlife plentiful in the marsh or on the river. You’ll view remarkable bird life, and other wildlife as well as more.  As a extra incentive, you get a day of terrific exercise.

Kayaks enable you to fish where various other watercraft’s could not get: I have actually spent many days angling in the marsh in my kayak where I don’t see one more solitary boat, kayak or various other craft. Waccamaw River and the Cherry Grove Marsh has so much area to fish that’s sometimes inaccessible to motorized fishing craft.

Kayak anglers are social: Once you have a kayak– you’re in the club. There’s a kindred spirit amongst the people that do away with the common path and do kayak fishing instead. You’ll see that you are a lot more approachable by not only kayak fishermen– but additionally all the folks in motorized craft too.

Kayak fishing is downright affordable: Take away energy, insurance policy, storage space, launch costs not to point out the upfront expense of acquiring an electric motor boat as well as you could view that kayak fishing is an excellent method to have even more fun fishing at a much lower expense. You may not desire to sell that electric motor watercraft quite yet. Take into consideration keeping the boat and also utilizing it as a main boat to bring you and your kayak to areas you can not paddle to from the launch. Truly the very best of both worlds! The bottom line is that Waccamaw River and Cherry Grove Marsh in North Myrtle Beach  is the best play area for kayak fishing. We have a treasure trove of possibility that is definitely phenomenal for kayak fishing. I look forward to seeing you on the river!